Casetify- The Custom Case

As you all may know, I love Casetify! I have multiple cases from their website and I always seem to be looking at new ones! When the new iphone 7 came out, they also came out with a new line of phone cases for the new phone! I love the jet-black collection as it’s full of contrasting and fall appropriate cases! I was about to order one myself, but the one I wanted was quite similar to the palm tree leaf one I already have! To my surprise though, I was kindly contacted by the Casetify team and offered to pick out and create my own custom case + choose one I’d like to buy from the usual collection. I had such a fun time creating my custom case and I wanted to share the case + the process of making it with you all in this post! Maybe you’ll end up wanting to create one yourself as well!


First of all, I got to choose the type of case I wanted- they have several to choose from on the website, but I love the classic snap so that’s the one I chose. I then got to choose the layout I wanted – this could have been just one photo with a patterned background, or many photos in a variety of shapes and combinations. As I love a crisp and minimal look when it comes to photos, I decided to choose the lattice/square design with 8 photos. To choose the photos I wanted to add- I could access my own gallery from instagram or facebook (which made it so convenient), but the choice of uploading new photos straight from my computer was also available. I ended up using my newest photos that were all light and bright to make sure the case was chic and crisp! To be honest, because I had the possibility of choosing from my instagram feed it made it sooo fun but also quite difficult, since all the photos were already perfectly edited :)! I did end up with choosing several photos I found online and had posted on my instagram, but the others were photos of my family, Jonas and obviously our dog Bella! I also made sure to include some color- so added 2 photos of roses on opposite sides of the case. With motivational quotes like “sweet dreams are made of this” and “have courage & be kind” also present on the case, I find this is always a conversation starter among my friends! Lastly, you can also add text + stickers or emojis to the case design, but that’s something I didn’t choose to do for this one.


The phonecase that I designed would have cost me just under $40 ( £33), which I think really isn’t bad for such a unique and lovely case! I know there are other webshops you can design a case from, but Casetify has never dissapointed me in the quality so I’m happy I got to test their custom case! To be honest, the best part must be the fact that you can use your instagram or facebook photos directly- definitely saves time and effort of looking through endless files and folders on your computer! 🙂

img_0296Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I love this case so much – it’s super unique, reminds me of my loved ones and is also very beautiful! As I mentioned- I also got to order an extra phone-case, so I chose this white cubes/gold case in the classic snap model as usual! Both of these are so beautiful and I can’t wait to use the white cube case in the future, as I’m currently obsessed with my custom one and don’t see me taking this off for a while! 🙂

Let me know what you think & if you design your own custom case on Casetify- send me a picture! ❤ Xx

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  1. Salina Khan says:

    Wow the custom case looks AMAZING! I’ll definitely design one of my own. 😀 I’ll send you a picture once I receive it!!!
    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! Cant wait to see!;) thanks for reading! Xx


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