Paperchase goodies for University

Hey guys! As University has started and I’m slowly getting into lectures of my MSc degree, I thought it might be cool to show you the few things I bought in paperchase before the beginning of classes and have been using to take notes! I went to paperchase and spent what seems like an hour staring at all their beautiful stationary and left with a few things I loved! I got some rose gold paperclips for all the handouts I’ll be receiving or printing off as well as some beautiful raindrop sticky tabs to mark my papers & textbooks! I also picked up an “Agenzio” leather notebook in coral alongside a cupcake pen to take notes with! I wanted to have a small notebook with me so I can quickly jot down notes whenever I need to & still have a light bag with me! I plan on carrying my laptop on most days, so I didn’t fancy getting a big 5 subject notebook!

I also picked up a recipe journal! Paperchase has loads of them out now & I knew I had to get one! I love having recipes written down somewhere alongside my blog, so it’ll be nice to have them all in one place now!:)

Speak to you soon! Xx

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  1. Vygaudas says:



  2. megvedere says:

    The colour of the notebook is so pretty! ❤



    1. thanks! ❤ love it!

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  3. ladolcenina says:

    Cute stuff! xoxo

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    1. thanks so much! ❤


  4. Kaylee says:

    Those sticky tabs are so cute! I also love your notebook, the color is so pretty ❤

    Kaylee❤️ㅣJK’s Dawn

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    1. thanks! love them too! ❤ hope you follow for future posts! 🙂 Xx


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