Paperchase goodies for University

Hey guys! As University has started and I’m slowly getting into lectures of my MSc degree, I thought it might be cool to show you the few things I bought in paperchase before the beginning of classes and have been using to take notes! I went to paperchase and spent what seems like an hour staring at all their beautiful stationary and left with a few things I loved! I got some rose gold paperclips for all the handouts I’ll be receiving or printing off as well as some beautiful raindrop sticky tabs to mark my papers & textbooks! I also picked up an “Agenzio” leather notebook in coral alongside a cupcake pen to take notes with! I wanted to have a small notebook with me so I can quickly jot down notes whenever I need to & still have a light bag with me! I plan on carrying my laptop on most days, so I didn’t fancy getting a big 5 subject notebook!

I also picked up a recipe journal! Paperchase has loads of them out now & I knew I had to get one! I love having recipes written down somewhere alongside my blog, so it’ll be nice to have them all in one place now!:)

Speak to you soon! Xx

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Hi, I'm Paula and I love living a happy and healthy life! I'm a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), have a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences and a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition. In this blog I'll share my knowledge and love for Nutrition, Travel adventures, Style and Fashion tips as well as some delicious and healthy Recipes! Hope you enjoy! For questions, suggestions or PR contact, feel free to e-mail me at

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