Fall Fashion for Young Professionals

As fall is already here and the colder months are fast approaching, I was kindly asked by Tommy John to share my tips and tricks on staying warm and cosy while still dressing smart for young professionals! With my love for layering, cashmere sweaters and delicate scarves, I set up a few sample looks for women as well as men to keep cosy both inside a warm office and outside, where it might be a bit more cold. I think women can layer fashion pieces more easily than men with the availability of so many fall and winter accessories, so it took me a while to think of what men could use to stay warm outside, but not be too hot when they’re inside a heated office. As Tommy John take pride in keeping a man comfortable with their no adjustment needed underwear, I wanted to make sure that the outfits I pulled for them were also comfortable! Hopefully these tips help!

SMART-CASUAL outfit for women:

Some of my biggest tips for young professional women is- Don’t be afraid to layer your pieces! I’m a massive fan of wearing button-up shirts with cardigans or sweaters and also throwing on a scarf before adding my coat. This gives you a cool look which may consist of different colors, but also is very practical! You can take off the scarf and the sweater when you’re hot, but they will definitely come in handy on your way to that lunch meeting across town!

I also suggest- make sure you add a bit of color into your fall wardrobe! I myself love neutrals- especially grey and black, but I try to stick in atleast one or two colors in my accessories! In the first look I put together- the olive green of the scarf and the sweater are a safe option to choose, but if you want something more bright and fun- add a colorful bag like I did! Those hints of various colors (pink, turquoise, yellow) will not only play up your look in a subtle way, but also boost your mood! 🙂


MORE FORMAL look for women:

I already mentioned layering, so I’ll just add a few more possible options- if you’re wearing a dress, add some tights! They will not only look more professional in the office than bare legs, but they will also keep you nice and warm! With wedge shoes you will also look more elegant, but still stay very comfortable! I love dresses all year round, so I try and wear them as often as possible, but in the winter and the fall I MUST have a cardigan with me at all times when I have a dress! Especially if it’s a short sleeve dress I’m wearing, then I almost never take it off 🙂 .

If you want to opt for something other than your usual warm winter jacket, then a fitted, yet thick and high-quality blazer can also keep you warm if you have other layers underneath! In the look below, I paired the zip detailed blazer with a cashmere cardigan, a smart dress and a scarf to make sure it’s cute but also keeps you warm!

To look more professional, staying with a colorscheme is always a good idea (like I did with black & blue), but it’s always nice to add hints of lighter shades to give it a bit of contrast and elegance- you can do that with a light scarf and jewellery!


FORMAL look for men:

In my opinion, waistcoats under a suit jacket is such a beautiful combination- I also imagine it’s very comfortable and warm! With the option of taking off your jacket, but still having something on top of your shirt leaves you with endless combinations of looks in one day for both inside and outside!

Scarves are also a must for men- it adds a touch of elegance that is so flattering to me, while also keeping you warm and comfortable when going outside! Combine that with a light jacket on top and your elegant and formal look can also become extra practical when it get’s chilly outside!


SMART CASUAL look for men:

I’m not going to lie- this is my favorite look! I love it when men wear light trousers and colorful shirts! You don’t have to stop wearing this combination in the colder months, as long as the trousers are a shade or two darker than your usual light tan- it set’s the tone for the weather but is also more friendly to puddles and rain! Also, with dark outerwear and shoes the look can be absolutely wearable in the fall!

Wearing a knitted jumper on top of a collared shirt looks so put together but also so cosy (it’s my favorite combo on men!)  Add a thick wool coat and some suede boots and you’re ready for a work day in the office but meetings across town as well!

I hope you guys found this post helpful and learned some new tips and tricks! If you have any other tips and favorite things to wear to stay warm and professional in the autumn months, let me know in the comments! Also, make sure to check out Tommy John and their range of men’s underwear, loungewear and socks!

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