Hey everyone! Yesterday was such a fun day for me- I went for a morning run, stopped by Kalm Kitchen for my favorite Spring Green’s smoothie and then I did some blog work and planning for our mini house-warming party we are having tomorrow for some of Jonas’ colleagues before I made lunch and meet up with Jonas to eat by the lake 🙂 I wanted to quickly share these random photos I have on my phone from the past few weeks- most of them I’ve shared on Instagram, but I thought it might still be quite interesting to share these with you guys on here as well! Hope you enjoy and until next time! Xx


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  1. That smoothie looks delish! Lovely blog x
    Morgan // http://www.justmorgs.com

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    1. thanks so much! I love it- it’s from a cute little cafe called Kalm kitchen! 🙂 Follow my blog for future posts! 🙂 ❤


  2. Rugile says:

    What about that green cocktail, what was it made from? I’m now super interested in smoothies so is it healthy? I’m very interested in healthy diet so with other your amazing posts I would love to see something more vegan or low-sugar. I’m a diabetic which is ok because I’m now used to carrying my glucose meter everywhere and checking it all the time but eating right still requires a lot of efforts. With some healthy and tasty recipes it would be much easier! Good luck with your blog, however, it’s just amazing!


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