Kitchen Tips: How to cut a mango

Good morning, lovelies! I don’t know about you, but I love mango! It’s one of my favorite fruits and when Jonas or I go to the market in Guildford we always come back with a box of fresh mangoes! They’re so delicious on their own, in smoothies or even frozen, but cutting them and eating them without a hassle can be tricky, so today I’m sharing my tips on how I cut a mango! 🙂 I’ll show you a way that is also decorative, but if you want it to be more practical- just use a spoon to scoop out the cut bits like an avocado!

  1. I first start off with cutting a fresh mango around the pith- on both sides while leaving as little meat around the pith to spare me from carving away later on.DSC02235
  2. Then cut vertical and horizontal slits in the mango without cutting through the skin- this makes sure that you’re not left with many pieces of mango with the skin still on, when you’re done. DSC02239
  3. Having cut lattice into the meat, I then push the mango from the back outwards to create this beautiful display of cubes which can then be individually cut off, if you decide to display the mango like this on a fruit platter, otherwise- I don’t invert the mango and just use a spoon to scoop out the meat from the skin (like you would for an avocado or kiwi). With the lattice cuts it allows small cubes of mango to drop out, rather than odd-shaped pieces. DSC02243

And that’s pretty much it! I hope this helps you when you next have a mango in the kitchen and are thinking about cutting and serving it! This has saved me so much time as well as making sure that when I serve mango for Jonas and I, the pieces are even and easy to eat! Enjoy ❤

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  1. Olivia Meek says:

    this is so helpful and who doesn’t love mango!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great!:) let me know if this trick worked for you!:) thanks for reading and follow for future posts! xx


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