Date Night at Loch Fyne

On Sunday Jonas took me out for dinner at Loch Fyne- a fish restaurant known for it’s fresh seafood. It was a belated birthday dinner as well as date night for the two of us and it was a magnificent evening. We loved the interior of the place- bricks and wood everywhere with a nautical feel to it. The menu had loads to offer and the drinks menu didn’t dissapoint either. Jonas got a glass of white wine whereas I ordered my favorite cocktial of the moment- Aperol Spritz! We shared a salt and pepper squid starter which was so delicious and defitinely left us speechless- it was spicy but so delicious. We also loved how there wasn’t too much batter on the actual squid and how fresh the meat was.

For our mains we decided to treat ourselves- Jonas got the cream, white wine, garlic and herb mussels which came with a side of bread and french fries. I never order mussles myself, but I must say these were very delicious! I on the other hand finally had one of my favorite dishes that I haven’t had in about 4 years- whole baked lobster! It came with mayo and french fries as well. So delicious and such a fun experience cracking and eating the lobster with a great conversation. Both Jonas and I had an amazing time, the service was very quick and the seafood was definitely fresh and also healthy! We said the next time my parents come to visit we are definitely taking them here, as they are huge fans of seafood and this must be one of the best restaurants we have been to in England!

Today Jonas and I are quite busy with building some IKEA furniture, but I hope to write some blogposts tomorrow as I’ll have the day off from any packing or settling in! I’m off to make lunch and then continue with building the furniture for our new flat! Speak to you soon! Xx

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