Morning coffee and last day in Exeter

Morning, loves! Today is my last full day in Exeter! It makes me kind of sad- it’s such a wonderful place with an amazing University where I made great memories. I’ll definitely miss it a ton and really hope to visit soon! I am planning on doing a series of things to see in different places and I can’t wait to have the time to write the Exeter one! 

Today is quite a busy day- just finished my workout and enjoying a nice cup of coffee before I head up to work for my last day (note- this photo is not from Exeter, but from when I was at home!:)) We then have a little group lunch/picnic planned with some guys from work and then I’m gonna finish the day off with completely packing up my room and cleaning it before I leave tomorrow! As I don’t have any food or anything to cook with, I will be making a delicious Deliveroo order tonight- let me know what you get when you order Deliveroo!
Lots of kisses and until next time! Enjoy Xx

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