Photos that make me smile #24

Hey everyone! It’s so rainy and cold in Exeter today, I hope it’s nicer where you are! I’m off to Lithuania this weekend for a wedding so I’m sorry if you’ll see less posts around the weekend! But I am happy to say I’ll have some beautiful posts from this past weekend coming your way soon! I’m running some errands today and expecting a package (I’ll blog about it probably tomorrow or some other day) and doing laundry right now, so I’m a bit busy, but I did want to share these beautiful photos that make me smile again! Hope you enjoy! ❤ All from Wehearit! Xx

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Hi, I'm Paula and I love living a happy and healthy life! In this blog I'll share my travel adventures, style and fashion tips as well as some delicious and healthy recipes! Hope you enjoy! For questions, suggestions or PR contact, feel free to e-mail me at

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