Restaurant Review and Girl’s night at Zizzi’s

Hey guys! I love doing quick and easy-to-read posts lately and it seems like you prefer them too! I decided to post those quick ones with loads of photos everyday but also have one or two longer posts (reviews, travel, recipe, chats, etc.) each week! I hope you guys like that plan- it let’s me update as often as possible, but also bring some interesting and very informative content as well! So today I’m going to do a more in-depth review of another famous, high-street known chain restaurant in England- Zizzi’s. Similar to Prezzo, Bill’s and Carluccios, this restaurant can be found in many places around the UK and offers a wide range of delicious food! We went there a couple of weeks ago with Egle to celebrate my upcoming graduation and had an extremely delightful time with delicious food! Although we did come in the middle of graduation week and the service did take longer than usual, I must say that the Zizzi’s in Exeter is superb! Plus the waitress we had was super sweet!


As it was a special occasion, we started off with a glass of Prosseco each and shared a starter of melted cheese fondue “Fonduta Formaggi” ! I’ve been eating really clean lately, but this was probably the biggest cheat meal I’ve had in a couple of weeks now! The bread was delicious- garlicky and still warm plus extra chewy. And the cheese- oh my! As we’re both cheese lovers (why I don’t think I could be a vegan), we were in heaven! This was such a delicious starter and I’m happy we shared it, since otherwise I would not have been able to finish my main!


For my main I ordered a delicious King Prawn Linguine, while Egle got the Pepperoni Campagna pizza. The pasta was delicious (and the prawns were hiding beneath the first layer!)! I loved the courgette in it too, since I’m a big fan! Although the portion wasn’t at all small, the dish was surprisingly light and I definitely was happy to have made this choice!


At the end of our meal our waitress was so nice and urged us to try some dessert- I wanted to stay healthy and skip on the extra sugar, but did take a cappuccino, while I talked Egle into taking an espresso affogato! It was a massive platter with some vanilla ice-cream (and an additional scoop on behalf of our waitress), with a shot of espresso, a shot of amaretto and some amaretto biscuits. Egle made the right choice by picking this dessert- she loves sweets and coffee! I tried it too and it was absolutely amazing! I loved the combo of ice cream and coffee, so I know I’m going to get this dessert the next time I treat myself!

At the end of our meal we were surprised the dessert and coffee was on the house as it was my graduation in a couple of days! That was so sweet of the waitress and definitely left a wonderful lasting impression!

Can’t wait to go back or visit other Zizzi restaurants around England!  🙂


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  1. putallonme says:

    The food looks yummy!:)
    I just discovered your blog and I really like it – you seem such a happy and positive girl:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!;) hope you follow for future posts!:) Xx


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