Chicago Adventure Part Two

Hey guys! This is my last Chicago post! It’s sooo sad.. I want to go back now! Anyways, it’s a ton of random photos from our last few days there, so rather than commenting on all the things we did I’ll just briefly mention them now! We went sailing in lake michigan and got to see the most amazing views of the skyline as well as the night-time lights of Chicago! We also did a bit of touristy walking around the city, ate some delicious sprinkles cupcakes from the cupcake ATM and celebrated Jonas’ dad’s birthday! On our two last days we went to the Adler Planetarium, (where the shows were incredible), Field museum and finished off with a full day of walking around downtown! I must say my favorite day was probably the last day we spent- it was just Jonas and I walking around Chicago and sightseeing as well as taking tons of photos! We also went up Willis tower into those glass balconies… and let me tell you it was scary! But also, one of the most fun things I’ve ever done! And of course, before flying back to the UK we had to try one of those famous Chicago Deep-Dish Pizzas! It was like nothing I’ve tasted before and it was magically delicious!

I must say I fell in love with the US once again after this trip- especially NYC and Chicago! Can’t wait to go back again sometime soon! 🙂 Check out my first Chicago Adventure post and my NYC posts here and here!


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