Keep Moving!

After such great feedback from you guys on my TOMS! post, I decided to share more fashion/clothes posts with you all! So the other day I got in a really exciting Forever21 package in and I thought I’d share it! I’ve been really into working out recently and go almost every morning during the weekdays, so I decided to buy some new workout pants and some other little things! I’ve bought activewear from Forever21 before and I love it- the pants fit so well and the fabric is so well made! Plus the styles they have are extra cute, especially the sports bras! So if you’re looking for beautiful, high quality and inexpensive clothes for the gym- I highly recommend Forever21!

I’ll link the products down below if you want to check them out yourself!

Medium Impact Sports Bra- here!

Mind Over Matter Leggings- here!

Active Keep Moving Leggings- here!

Athletic Cowl Neck Pullover- here!



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  1. For a girls all these sports wear looks so amazing. It looks fashionable and comfortable at the same time. And I think that it is true and I am not mistaken. I always prefer comfort when I am talking about sports wear. I prefer feel free during my exercises.


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