TOMS- the shoe that gives back


I finally got the pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing since New York! My Friend Egle had a gorgeous pair of TOMS and she mentioned how comfy they are, so I started looking for a pair and contemplating buying one! Yesterday I finally did it and bought these beautiful and casual canvas colorblock TOMS for the summer! What’s ultra cool is that they are quite trendy for this summer- with the espadrille sole, but they are also a shoe that makes you feel good. Not just that they are comfy, but the company actually gives a pair of new shoes to children in need for every pair purchased! That just makes you want to explore their range even more! I’m so excited about these new shoes since they’re perfect for someone like me who does a lot of walking in  a place that isn’t hot enough for sandals, but is tired of wearing sneakers! Do you guys have a pair of TOMS, or a pair you want to get?


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  1. sarahwithani says:

    I love my Toms! I don’t even care that they aren’t the big trend anymore. I love wearing them cause of the cause.

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    1. they’re so comfy too! ) Which ones do you have? 🙂


      1. sarahwithani says:

        I have some olive green ones. I’ve always wanted the tie up ones

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      2. oh those are so cute too! I saw they have wedges in some places now too! 🙂


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