Sand Dunes & Maxi Dresses

One of my favourite places back home in Lithuania is Parnidzio Kopa. It’s a beautiful sand dune with an amazing view in Kursiu Neringa which is in the south of Nida. It’s part of the Curonian Spit that lines the west side of Lithuania and is my favourite place by the Curonian Lagoon (Kursiu Marios in lithuanian). With sand dunes extending for what seems like forever and the beautiful blue water in sight, it’s a favourite of many locals as well as tourists.  If you haven’t been there, or are planning to visit Lithuania in the future, I highly recommend visiting Parnidzio Kopa! My mom and I went there a couple of months ago when I visited home and did a little photoshoot of this beautiful place. We also took some photos of us in our maxi dresses and I think the photos turned out magical! I hope you enjoy!

My dress: Dorothy Perkins

My mom’s dress: Somewhere from South Africa



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  1. Aleeha says:

    Oh wow, I love the first maxi, it’s so bright and colourful! I went to Dubai last year, but I never went to see the sand dunes and the dessert… really wishing I did!
    Aleeha xXx

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    1. thanks! I love it too! ❤ thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. the drifter says:

    Love those dresses!! So perfect for summer 🙂

    mallory |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!


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