Chicago Adventure Part One 

Hey guys! So I’m finally posting my Chicago Adventure part one post! If you haven’t seen my previous posts from NYC check them out here and here, and for my Wisconsin post click here!

I’ll have a second post coming later, but while I update you all with new recipes and other fun posts, I decided to share this part one of my holiday in Chicago!

We started our days off with visiting some friends and family. One evening we had hot dogs which were extremely delicious! I was so happy to start off this blog with these, since I rememeber how amazing they were!

We also did A LOT of shopping! We were lucky to find some amazing outlets nearby and buy amazing things for fractions of their original prices! 🙂 I may have gotten a few new bags and several dresses… 🙂 

After some relaxation from our NYC trip, we finally went on to explore the city! Chicago was amazing- I fell in love with it! It’s so beautiful, so clean and the architecture is amazing! I had a whole list of places I wanted to visit and so many museums to check out! On our first day we walked around downtown and enjoyed the summer heat that hit after lunch. Let’s just say I was a bit hot in my long sleeve shirt and jeans, but knew that I’ll need to live in dresses for the remainder of the trip! 

As we walked, we saw so many beautiful parks, buildings and architectural monuments. Chicago’s skyline is absolutely amazing!

We also visited Millenium Park on our first day! And of course, the architectural monument I was most excited to see- CLOUD GATE (the bean)!

As you can tell from the amount of photos here, it was my favorite thing in Chicago! I remember when we were planning this trip 2 years ago I already had this as my number one must see thing. It’s such a beautiful piece of art designed by Anish Kapoor that is entirely reflective and allows you to observe the beautiful buildings of Chicago. Tourists love to take pictures into it, under it and of it! I must say, my favorite view was definitely from further away, since it felt like I was looking into a Chicago bubble. I loved it so much, that we even visited again on our last day in Chicago ❤

We also saw these famous Crown Fountains on the way to the Art Institute of Chicago. They’re video images of faces that occasionally spritz water out of their mouths when they put their lips together. It’s so cool and looks so incredible! I also loved how many kids and adults enjoyed the drizzling water on the side of the fountain and spent hours splashing and running around! Chicago seemed like such a fun, lively town to live in! 

And then we arrived at the Art Institute! I have a ton of pictures to share with you all, but instead of commenting on them one by one, I’ll just say this was one of the most amazing museums I’ve ever been to and definitely my favorite in Chicago! 

You can say I fell in Love with Claude Monet when I visited the Art Institute. I’ve seen his pieces before in the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge, but this time around there were so many more of his pieces to enjoy! I absolutely loved the water lilies and even got a small print of it to take home with me!

On our second day visiting Chicago, we went to the Shedd Aquarium in the morning, where we got to see so many cool sea animals! I absolutely loved it, but I think Jonas and Paulius were left even more fascinated than me!

We also had some delicious dippin’ dots! I’ve had these ages before, when I lived in the US, but Paulius and Jonas tried them for the first time and thought they were so cool! 

These little toxic, endangered frogs were my favorite!

I found nemo!

After Shedd we actually went sailing in lake Michigan for a few hours and enjoyed the amazing Chicago skyline before and after sunset! As this post is already extra long, I’ll stop it here and share all those photos from sailing and the rest of our days in Chicago in the following adventure post! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the snapshots of Chicago ❤

until next time,


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