Restaurant review: Kalm Kitchen Cafe

Morning, loves!

Today I want to do a quick rave/review on one of my favorite cafes in Guildford! I found this cafe a month or so ago and have loved exploring their options of healthy and delicious lunches, snacks and drinks!

Kalm Kitchen Cafe is such a lovely coffee shop located near town center, quietly stowed away by the Guildford castle. It’s super lovely, quite small but also very cozy and health-conscious! The company also does events and catering, but so far I’ve only come across this cafe and I love it! Their interior is very light, filled with flowers, fruit infused waters and photos of their delicious food and drink. They have an outside seating area by the entrance as well as in the back and indoor seating by the cafe and on the second floor, which is accompanied with a huge selection of cookbooks for you to read while enjoying your cup of coffee.

In the cafe, they have a selection of coffees, teas, matcha green tea lattes, juices and smoothies which can all be made with almond milk if you prefer. They also have a set menu, but also daily lunches to choose from in bowls if you like salads and vegetable mixes. For the sweet-tooth clients they offer a wide range of baked goods, some of which are also gluten free or even vegan! I tried one of their vegan brownies as well as a vegan caramel shortbread and let me tell you – they were so delightful and one of the best things I’ve tried! Sometimes I stop by just to check if they have either one of these treats out on sale that day, since I crave them everyday since I tried them.

Another one of my favorites is their spring greens smoothie, which I also introduced to Paulius the other day, when we felt tired having arrived back from the states. And he loved it just as much as me! It’s the perfect morning smoothie since it’s rich, full of vitamins and antioxidants but also very refreshing! It’s made using apples, pears, spinach, avocado and agave!

If you ever visit Guildford or live there- you much visit this cafe! Try out their almond milk cappuccinos, spring greens smoothie or any of the delicious sweets on offer! I love it so much  and it’s always a must-visit for me when I’m Guildford!

Until next time, enjoy!

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