Let’s talk about…Jo Malone Fragrances

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a huge fan of fragrances, perfumes and candles! I have so many different brands I love, but one that I adore completely is Jo Malone! If you don’t know what Jo Malone is, it’s a British fragrance company that sells perfume, lotions, candles and more. The brand design itself is so beautiful and the classic British look of the stores makes them that much more special! Every store is designed to perfection and the staff is always so nice. Every time I step into one of the Jo Malone Boutiques I feel like I’m at a spa or on a pampering day!


I came across Jo Malone ages ago, when my mom received one of the scented candles (Lime Mandarin and Basil) as a gift and I always loved how strong the scent was and how it filled our apartment with such wonderful aroma. It was only 4 years ago that I finally picked up a cologne from the store and fell in love with the brand! The first scent I bought was English Pear and Freesia in the Selfridges store a good 4 years ago. Since then I have always had one or two scents ready to use as I love them so much.

Personally, I’m a fan of fresh and fruity smells, so I tend to go for the “fresh” scents Jo Malone has to offer. My favorites have got to be English Pear and Freesia which is so light and elegant as well as Peony and Blush Suede which is a bit more deep and warm, but definitely still fresh and floral! I have purchased both of these scents several times already which shows how much I love them! I also recently tried out Wild Bluebell, which for some reason reminds me so much of summer and watermelon mixed with fresh flowers! I’ve tried out these three scents already, but I’m always on the lookout for other Jo Malone scents to test as well as to layer with the current ones I have. The company suggests combining several colognes to create the perfect, original scent and I can’t wait to find my perfect one!

I love Jo Malone for gifts as well, I tend to go there to find presents for my friends since I always feel like the scent, the packaging and the experience of Jo Malone is just so wonderful and makes a gorgeous gift!  I’ve picked up some candles for my mom as Christmas gifts as well as the Lime Mandarin and Basil cologne for mother’s day!

So this blogpost was just a chatty one from me, talking about a brand I love and hopefully sharing a new one with you all! Let me know if you guys have any Jo Malone favorites and any suggestions for me to try out!

Until next time, enjoy! ❤



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