New York City Adventure Day Two

Hey everyone! If you haven’t checked out my first NYC adventure here, check it out now to see what we did on out first day! We were there for two days and saw so many monumental places!

On our second day we were all a bit sleepy so started off with some fresh juice from Joe and the Juice. They were so nice and refreshing after a hot cup of coffee which we had on our way out the door from Egle’s place! On this day we had decided that we wanted to see Central Park and do a little bit of shopping on 5th avenue!


Central Park was so beautiful, so green! I loved it! There were so many people enjoying their morning and so many dogs out walking with their owners. In particular I loved how in the middle of central park you can stand on massive rocks and see so many skyscrapers peeking through from 5th avenue and the southern side of the park. The view was so magnificent… I fell in love with Central Park and didn’t want to leave so soon!


By the fountain in the middle of the park there were some bootcamps going on and we got some coconut water there for free as well! Let’s just say that was such a nice and lovely treat and I love how active everyone was!

On our way back through 5th Avenue we stopped by another cafe I wanted to visit- momofuku milk bar! They serve cereal milk soft serve with cereal, chocolate chip or sprinkles toppings! The portion may look small but it was actually quite big! The taste was amazing as well- just imagine soft, frozen milk that has delicious cereal flavour in it. I know it’s hard to imagine, but it’s so delicious, so light and soooo refreshing on an extremely hot New York summer day! img_2848img_2847

After a bit of shopping and before continuing on, we stopped for lunch at Chipotle with out friend Gediminas! It was Paulius’ first time and let’s just say he wasn’t expecting the burrito that he ordered to be so massive! In the end he lost the battle by not finishing his portion! I had delicious chicken tacos and Jonas and Gediminas had burrito bowls! This was such a delicious lunch! img_2844img_2846img_2843img_2751

After so much shopping and walking, we were so tired and our wallets (well, at least mine) was crying! So we decided to call shopping done and go for drinks and dinner with Egle! We went to a speak-easy type of place called Please Don’t Tell. It was hidden inside a hot-dog restaurant and we had to get in through a secret/hidden pathway which was located in a phone booth! It was super cool! I think Paulius will have a snippet of our experience in his NYC Vlog as well, so once it’s up- check it out on his youtube pageimg_2851img_2854img_2756

We finished our night off with delicious ice-cream from sundaes and cones, where I got some red velvet ice-cream in a chocolate and sprinkles cone! It was so delicious! We walked through Times square and finished off our night on long island city, where we enjoyed the view on our last night!img_2856

So that was my entire NYC adventure! I’ve got a couple more days left here in the USA, but when I’m back in the UK I will post all of my Chicago adventure posts!

Until next time, enjoy!

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