New York City Adventure Day One

As you guys may know from my previous posts- I’m in the USA! I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and leave at the end of next week! We already visited Wisconsin, and you can check out my blogpost from there by clicking here. After WI we went to NYC! We spent two days travelling and exploring and had an amazing time! We stayed with my lovely friend Egle and walked over 50km over the two days we were there! I decided to split up this NYC post into two parts based on the two days as I have A LOT of photos to share!

At the moment I’m in Chicago and enjoying my time here! I’ll also do a few posts about my adventure here once I’m back, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this post!

I woke up with this beautiful view of NYC from Long Island City! Couldn’t get enough of this view and I wish I could see it right now!

First stop was Grand Central Station! It was so big, so beautiful, so busy! I was in awe of how massive a station can be and the food choices for the travellers left us very impressed!

We then walked over to the New York Public Library- the building everyone has seen in films and TV shows! It was such a beautiful day and the library steps were filled with people enjoying the city life. 

On our way to Times Square we stopped at Bryant Park to enjoy the small piece of greenery in the middle of the hustle and bustle! We also picked up some coffee for breakfast and treaded on into the busiest part of town! 

And then we reached the overwhelmingly incredible beauty that was Times Square! I’ve been here many years ago and wasn’t able to appreciate the incredible amount of lights, people and movement in this small amount of space! There were so many people, so many tourists! Jonas, Paulius and I absolutely loved it and knew we had to come back here at night to see the lights when it’s dark! (I’ll share those night photos in the day two post!) 

And of course- there were always yellow cabs filling the streets! It felt like we were on a New York movie set! After a quick lunch we then walked all the way to One World Trade Center!

We walked through West Village and near the Hudson River Harbor, where we saw tons of people running, jogging and keeping active in the city that never sleeps! With the sun shining and the temperature being high, we really got to see what the city people do to enjoy the summer! I really loved going down this part of town and seeing a bit of a more quiet NYC! 

We then went up to the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center where they have the Observatory. It’s a whole floor dedicated to tourists for walking around and getting a 360 degree view of Manhattan! To tell you the truth, I was so frightened to go up and it took Jonas and Paulius a lot of talking me into it, but I eventually did it and was so happy I did! It wasn’t at all scary as there were no crazy glass floors and everything was safely enclosed!  The view was spectacular! It was a bit far from Central Park so we missed out seeing it from high above, but we saw everything else and it was incredible! 

On our way back to Times Square, where we met up with my friend Egle for dinner, we stopped by Dominique Ansel Bakery where we tried out some amazing cookie shots and a few other desserts! I’ve actually got a whole blogpost about our experience here! Check it out to see what we ate! I loved it! 🙂

For dinner we went to Little Italy and dined at the restaurant Margherita, NYC! It was amazing- so authentic, so delicious! Tasty sourdough, stone-baked pizzas and prosciutto with burrata for starters! It was so delicious and such a great end to the day!

We then went back to Egle’s place and had a good night’s sleep before carrying on with our day two adventure! I’ll post that ASAP and share everything with you guys soon!

Also, Paulius will also do a NYC vlog of all of our travels! He still has to edit it since there are a million clips, but when he’s done and has it published I’ll share it on here with you guys as well! In the meantime- check out more of his videos here and follow his instagram as well as my instagram to see what we are currently up to while visiting the States!

until next time, enjoy!

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  1. shazza says:

    Wow your Photos really do look like your on a movie set.So lively and bright.:)

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