Wisconsin Adventure

Hey everyone! So as you may know- I’m in the US right now and have been really enjoying my time here! Here are my snapshots from my couple of days in Wisconsin!

I came to the US with Jonas, Paulius and their whole family to visit their dad and these first two days we spent exploring WI! Firstly we spent a day in Milwaukee and then we went to Madison the next day where we also did a fair bit of shopping! Up next we’re going to NYC for a couple of days and then we are gonnna spend the remainder of the time in the city I’m dreaming about- Chicago!

Hope you enjoy these snapshots from my Wisconsin adventure!

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  1. Loreta Usackiene says:

    Super! Kokios foto! Puiku, labai dziaugiuosi del jusu visu. Saugios keliones atgal. Parasyk, kai grisit.Linkejimai!

    Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2016 12:15:11 +0000
    To: loretausa@hotmail.com

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    1. Ok! Aciu!! New York foto dar geresnes!!!!


  2. Augis says:

    Nei masinu, nei zmoniu! Lyg ismire!

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  3. Vygaudas says:


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  4. Jono pussesere says:

    gražios foto 🙂

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  5. Vaiva says:

    Super nuotraukos! 🙂
    Labai patiko ta, kur Paulius geria Starbucks kavą, prie “Planet Fitness” :DDD ir kur tu stovi tų trikampių “koridoriuje”! Awesome! Have a good time! Bučkiai visiems!

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    1. Aciu!!! Atsiusiu daugiau foto tau kai grisiu:*


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