Picnic staples from Tiger!

If you saw my chocolate berry cake recipe, then you will know that last month Jonas and I surprised our friend Martha for her birthday and did a mini picnic! I knew I had to share these items with you guys though! I went to Tiger to buy some picnic things so we could enjoy the drinks and cake and was so surprised by what they had on offer! Tiger has always been a cool store I walk into every now and then, but I have never really bought anything from there until now! I loved their range of summer cutlery and picnic things- everything is so sweet, colorful and so trendy! Not to mention super cheap! I loved the straws and cups in particular!

I’m sure they have upgraded and updated their stock and may have even more cool items in soon, but I just wanted to do this quick post to show you guys how you don’t have to spend tons to buy cute and very sweet picnic plates, forks and cups! I loved the straws so much I even bought more for me to enjoy with my drinks at home!

Chatty and quick post, but until next time- enjoy!

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