Restaurant review: Carluccio’s

Along the lines of my Bill’s review, I have gone to Carluccio’s multiple times, but decided to do a post to share my overall impression of the restaurant. It’s a lovely Italian chain that has the traditional menu components you would expect but also has a deli-like shop inside as well as lots of pastries and sweets to take home. I remember when we lived in London during our middle-school years, my friends and I would sometimes go to Carluccio’s to pick up lunch which often consisted of delicious cold pasta salads or calzones! Not that I live in the UK again I love to go to Carluccio’s every now and again since it has never failed to impress, plus the prices are definitely not cringe worthy! Unfortunately, there isn’t one in Guildford, but there are a ton of restaurants in and around London as well as one in Exeter!

Some of my favorites on their menu include Aperol Spritz which is one of my favorite summer cocktails. As for meals, I love the range of different salads, pastas and ravioli they have! Carluccios was actually the first place I had a proper meal with mussels which says alot as I’m not a massive exotic seafood eater! If you go there I highly recommend – calamari rings, caprese salad or the seafood linguine! The linguine is so delicious, fresh and light… it’s definitely my number one recommendation! For desserts- both Ieva and I loved the tiramisu when we went together! It came in a glass which was quite weird, but it was actually really tasty! Egle and I on the otherhand have tried their eton mess which by far may have been my favorite I’ve had, although it seems like they may have taken it off the menu (at least in Exeter!) Nonetheless, the restaurant is always cosy, has tons to choose from and is definitely a hit for someone who loves italian cuisine! I highly recommend it! until next time!


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