Restaurant Review: The Wild Rabbit in Kingham

When Jonas and I went to the Daylesford festival a couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of having lunch at the Wild Rabbit! It’s a local, beautiful and cosy pub in Kingham that reminds you more of home than of an English pub! I instantly loved the atmosphere and when I saw the menu- I had very high expectations! What I liked a lot is that a lot of the produce they used in the restaurant include the organic meat, cheese and veg from the daylesford farm. That right away made me appreciate the menu and the fact that so much of the food was local and ethically sourced!


We started off with some wine and got some fresh bread- let me just say that even the bread was delicious! It was so fresh and tasted so nice with the fresh organic butter! We also shared a starter- some fish goujons which were very nice as well! I’m not a fan of fried fish, but these were very nice! They were not at all greasy!


For my main I ordered the Hay baked celeriac truffle risotto with english asparagus, burnt pickled onions and parmesan.  I don’t often choose risotto, but this was divine! I’m a big fan of mushrooms and everyone loves truffles! I loved how creamy this dish was but also how succulent and how rich in flavour it was! I was extremely impressed! Jonas got the Wootton organic lamb with new season wild garlic and barbecue cauliflower and said it was very delicious! Unfortunately I didn’t try it as I do not eat lamb, but it did look very tasty and very fresh! We were both extremely pleased with the mains!


For dessert we decided to try something different- I got this strawberry dish that contained a delicious soufle at the bottom and some strawberry and lemon curd ice-cream as well as fresh strawberries. When it arrived I was a bit intrigued as to what will be so special- but let me tell you, I was pleasanlty surprised! I loved the mixture of textures, the fresh strawberries and the lemon curd ice-cream was spectacular! Jonas got a cheesecake. It was not a traditional cheesecake, but he did say he enjoyed it alot!


Let’s just say that both Jonas and I loved the atmosphere, the menu and the pub! It is quite pricey but I can see why the locals love it there and why so many people who travel to Kingham go to visit the restaurant! If we go to the festival again next year, I’m sure we will go back to the Wild Rabbit to grab a lunch and enjoy the cosy fireplace!

Until next time,


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