Florida room inspiration with Douglas Elliman

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the early summer days; I know I am! I’m in between travels but I knew I had to share this post with you before I was off!  When I was first asked to design a Florida Room for Douglas Elliman I instantly thought of clean, crisp and fresh colors surrounded by nature! I spent endless hours searching for inspirational photos and pieces of art as well as furniture to fill up my florida room and decided to share my ideas with all of you! A florida room is extremely popular in the states and I would use mine for casual lounging, reading a book, in-between outdoor activities as well as for inviting guests over for drinks or a causual get together! I’d love it to be on the coast, near a beach so that from the room I could see the beautiful ocean or lake and the waves hitting the sand. I’d love to have big sky windows and wide windowed doors which open up to allow me to go outside as well as bring some of the nature inside! For me- that is the perfect florida room!

My inpsirational style board would look something like this- clean, white, crisp, elegant but also filled with lots of blue decorations! I’d also make sure I had tons of fresh flowers, greenery and drinks for everyone to enjoy! Fruit infused waters are my favorite at the moment!

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.16.41

I would first start off with clean, crisp white walls and add some art to it. A painting I’ve seen done by one of the ToneItUp girls popped into my mind just when I started thinking about how I would design the place. I love this wave painting- it’s so beautiful yet also simple and would be perfect in my white/blue room! I’d also hang up some quote boards which reminded me and my guests to be happy and to enjoy the moment! Something along the lines of this one I found on etsy!  A wall filled with these small, cute and beatiful quotes would go very well with the blue wave painting!

08bf96e0e5ed8be85ee1eb6ae4e50682 il_570xN.1035396701_2i1e

The sofa would be off-white or grey! Something light, but easy to take care of especially if it would be used in between outdoor activities! I’d like something comfy and not too fancy, but decorated with some beautiful blue printed pillows! Something like these and these from anthropologies would pull the art on the walls together with the furniture! I also love how they aren’t too bright! Although I do enjoy summery and bright colors, I know I would prefer a light atmosphere in a room I intend on relaxing in!

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.25.33

In the middle of the room I’d love to have a white marble, stone or wood table to bring in some nature but also keep the room light. The sofa would be next to the table and the coffee table would have some  books for my guests to flick through as well as a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers! I’d love peonies, tulips or white roses! On one side of the room I would have a bar that goes across the entire wall! It would hold some beautiful beach inspired accessories like the ones I’ve found below as well as a station of fresh fruit, baked goods and loads of drinks to choose from! I’d also love to have glasses and several pitchers with fruit-infused waters for me and my guests to enjoy and hold them on this ikea tray table!

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.50.59

By the doors going outside I would also love to have this hanging chair for me or my friends to sit in and enjoy the view from. I think it brings such a beautiful, beachy vibe and would make the room even more perfect! With some beautiful, big green plants and orange trees surrounding it, I’m sure that would be my favorite piece of the room!

Thats pretty much my perfect florida room! I’ve seen some beautiful posts about bright and colorful rooms, so hopefully this will be something different and show you guys how you can have a beautiful and summery room with minimal colors and a white background!

In the comments below, let me know how you would style your florida room! Would you keep it light and simple like me or put in as many colors as possible?:) Also check out the Douglas Elliman Florida homes to look at some of the current beautiful houses they have on offer!

Until next time, enjoy!

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