Restaurant review: Mill on the Exe 

I’ve recently been reminiscing at some old photographs and noticed I had a few restaurants I wanted to review which I went to during my exam/revision period. I’m so glad I stocked up on photographs since some of the ones I’ll be posting soon include those that left incredible impressions! One of the restaurants I am presenting today – the Mill on the Exe. It’s a cosy pub-like restaurant right by the Exe river in Exeter that I walk past every single day on my morning walk and I’ve went into a couple of times in my previous university years. This time I went for the first time in a couple of years and it was on another girl’s night with Egle before my first exams!

The menu has loads to choose from – starting with specials, pub classics, steaks, fresh fish, salads and even a vegetarian/vegan curry. I’m not vegan or veg, but when I saw it I knew I needed to try it! It was a chickpea and spinach curry with sweet potato and tahini on top. There were also some plantain chips which were delish! I’ve never tried them but was pleasantly surprised. The curry itself was a bit spicy but definitely not very hard to handle- it’s a nice touch! I loved how light yet creamy it was from the tahini and how I felt after it – I didn’t feel sluggish or too full! I know I’m definitely going back and planning to order the same!

As I had quite some room left Egle and I ordered dessert too- on the specials menu they had this amazing chocolate, hot fudge cake which sounded absolutely incredible! And indeed it was- a complete food coma-worthy dessert. It consisted of a warm, gooey and soft chocolate cake which came with a tiny saucepan filled with hot fudge and clotted cream on the side. If you ask me- the cream isn’t necessary and I would actually have preferred ice cream as I’m not a massive cream fan. But nonetheless, it was a dessert Egle and I still talk about to this day! It went perfectly with the prosecco we were enjoying and made the night rememberable!

If you’re ever in the Exeter area, I highly recommend Mill on the Exe! They even have an outside terrace that overlooks the river and is a very nice and cosy place!

until next time, enjoy!

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  1. Hi Paula, I have been loving your blog, had no idea you were in Exeter, I am in Devon too, I run the Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians in Britain FB page! Love your posts, I share them quite a lot on my page. I hope you are enjoying the fantastic weather we have been having down here for weeks now! I love your photos from Lithuania you tool recently, I went there years ago, hoping to go back again before too long. take care, Emilyx


  2. fablefrique says:

    Love your blog! Just discovered you. 🙂
    x Frederique

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!:) hope you keep reading!:)


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