Another Morning Exploring London

Yesterday was a lovely day- I’ve been trying to use up my holidays to their fullest and decided to go to London and explore a bit more of Notting hill and Kensington. I’ve visited both parts of town before but I have always been mesmerised by how cool Notting hill is so decided to go back again. I’ve got a post from last year where I did a similar thing and spent the morning exploring Notting hill, you can check it out here, but if you want to see what I got up to yesterday and see the place in more detail- keep reading!

I first of all went to London to meet up with my lovely friends Roaa and Alberto, but that was only around lunch time so I decided to take the 7:30 train from Guildford and got into London around 8. That gave me plenty of time to explore the half- empty city! 

It was a chilly morning so I made my way to the tube and got to Kensington high street. As it was still early- most places were closed, but the 3 story Whole Foods was open so I spent my time in there! Let’s just say it’s a health-food lover’s dream! I picked up some goodies too to try out! 

I then walked through Kensington place into Notting hill and started exploring. I love the architecture of the houses in this part of London. Especially the fun and colorful homes in Notting hill! 

St. Lukes Mews left a lasting impression! I love mews as they are old stables that have been converted to houses. This one in particular had fun homes painted in pastel colors with endless greenery! This looks like out of a story book… 

I then made my way back up Portobello road and towards Farm girl– a cafe I had seen endlessly on Instagram with their famous rose lattes! I only got a latte and some fruit as I wanted to keep room for the lunch I was about to have in a couple of hours, but let’s just say I loved the cafe and will be posting a review ASAP!

When I met up with Roaa and Alberto we went to explore Regent’s park and Primrose hill. I used to live in this part of London a good 7 or 8 years ago and haven’t been back since. It was so lovely to go up Primrose hill and see the amazing London skyline! It also brought back so many memories of me with my family going on walks in the part during the weekends and stopping for ice-cream on hot, sunny days. Although the weather yesterday wasn’t as nice as it has been lately, it was still a lovely day! 

After walking about 20 km in London I had a good nap on the train back and went to meet Jonas in his office. To fuel up after such an active day I dug into some of the wonderful goodies I picked up at Whole Foods- the macaroons and the chocolate were divine and went very well with my coffee as I waited for Jonas to finish off some work! 

I think there is something so magical about Kensington, Notting Hill and Primrose. If you travel to London- please visit some of these places! I know Central London is more popular and has so many tourist attractions, but if you want to see some beautiful hidden treasures these are some of the places to go explore!

Until next time!


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  1. shazza says:

    Its interesting to see different parts of london.Did those colourful Notting Hill houses appear in the Paddington movie? Looks like you had a perfect day.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im not sure! Ill have to check🙈 thanks for reading!:)


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