Restaurant review: Brunch at Bill’s

If you haven’t read my previous post about Bill’s check it out here! But in that post I mentioned how I’ve never gone to Bill’s for brunch, until now! My friend Ieva and I went to have brunch to celebrate me finishing university and I knew I had to do a blogpost about it!

We met up at 11 and decided to start the day off with a delicious brunch. I knew I wanted coffee so I made sure I ordered a wonderful cappuccino. It was so velvety and smooth- perfect first thing in the morning! I was a bit upset that they didn’t have mimosas as we went out to celebrate, but I guess we did ask quite early! Anyways- we still had a great time with my coffee and Ieva’s orange juice!

We took a while to decide, but ended up picking different dishes. Ieva chose the egg’s royale- which is a salmon version of egg’s benedict and I chose the avocado toast. My avocado toast was incredible- the portion was extra generous and very tasty. I love that it came with lime since I love adding lime to my own avocado toast! It came with 2 poached eggs, but I only managed to eat one as I was too full! Ieva’s meal was also delicious- although the hollandaise sauce did seem a bit thin, she said she enjoyed it very much! The only thing is that could have been done better is the poached egg- for both of us 1 egg in each of our meals was a bit too raw. I guess the chef put the eggs in one after the other but took them out at the same time. For other people it may have been alright, but even for me (who likes her yolks runny) one of the eggs was a bit too raw. Other than this minor detail though, Bill’s had an amazing range of breakfast and brunch meals to choose from and I can see why it’s such a hit on the high street! Highly recommend!

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  1. Is the this same Bills we have in Australia? Bill Granger? I know he is well known for a stunning brunch!

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    1. I dont think so- I think its a UK restaurant:)


      1. Ah in that case it is – as he is does have a branch in London!

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