Restaurant review: Franco Manca

A couple of weeks ago Jonas and I went to celebrate the end of my exams to a restaurant that just recently opened up in Guildford. Franco Manca is a small chain of italian, authentic sourdough pizza serving restaurants that has finally hit Guildford. It’s based in the center of the town near other popular restaurants on Friary Street. We heard amazing reviews from our friends so had to try it out!

First up- we loved the service! We believe our waitress was italian and she made sure we had everything we needed! Although they didn’t have an aperol spritz on the menu, when I asked- she made sure I got one! One thing we also noticed was how popular the place was- on a Thursday evening they were packed with customers, which is a sign of a very good restaurant! The menu was quite simple but they also have specials on their boards every day along with extra dishes they serve. The menu also reminded us a bit of the Lithuanian restaurant Jurgis ir Drakonas which is one of my favorite restaurants at home; but if you don’t plant to go to LT soon, I highly recommend Franco Manca as an alternative!

As I mentioned- I got an aperol spritz which was delicious. It was stronger than the ones I’ve had in other places, but I still loved it! We also the shared a burrata mozzarella and a plate of cured meats. Let me tell you – this was the first time Jonas had some burrata but he has been mesmerised and fell in love with it as much as I did. It was so creamy, so fresh and with the cured meats- it was the perfect starter!

For mains we got a sourdough pizza each. They are so filling, so if you’re not too hungry- I suggest spliting a pizza between two people if you also have a starter. If not- then a single pizza per person is the perfect amount. I got #3 COURGETTES, BASIL, MOZZARELLA, BUFFALO RICOTTA, FRANCO & CANTARELLI GRANA whereas Jonas got a #4 GLOUCESTER OLD SPOT HAM (Home Cured), MOZZARELLA, BUFFALO RICOTTA, WILD MUSHROOMS. Both pizzas were amazing! The dough was so chewy, so delicious, so fresh! My pizza was a lot more cheesy whereas #4 was a lot more juicy, meaty and had a lot more variety of flavours. Both of us were left vey impressed with the restaurant. Not only the food, but the service was incredible. I also loved the authentic feel of an italian restaurant Franco Manca had – it was busy, but each customer was cared for!

Today we also decided to try taking their pizzas for take-out. I called Franco Manca and ordered a #4 and a #6 pizza. #6 is: TOMATO, CURED ORGANIC CHORIZO (Dry & semi-dry) & MOZZARELLA and was exactly what you would expect- deliciously cheesy with chorizo! Both of these pizzas were incredible and I was very pleasantly surprised with how fast they were ready after I ordered them on the phone- it only took them 5-10 minutes to prepare!

Overall, I love how authentic these sourdough pizzas are. They have so many  delicious pizzas to choose from on their menu and I love the fact that they are made in a wood-fired stone pizza oven. The pizzas are also just around £6 each, which if you ask me, is an incredible bargain for the high quality pizza you are getting. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves pizza, italian food and has a Franco Manca restaurant nearby. They also serve salads and have a selection of daily desserts!

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