Daylesford Organic Summer Festival 

The other weekend Jonas and I got the opportunity to go visit Kingham, Oxfordshire to go to the Dayelsford Organic farm festival! If you don’t know, Daylesford is an organic farm in the heart of the Cotswolds that also has a market, bakery, creamery, Bamford clothing shop as well as tons of animals! Alongside these, it also had a cookery school, spa and a restaurant. Pretty much all you may need to survive a few days in the countryside!

During the summer festival, the farm opens doors to people wanting to experience the farm by allowing people to go on farm tours, free cooking lessons, meeting the animals, tasting delicious food and drinks as well as walk around a lot of food market tents which sell other local food products that don’t belong to Daylesford.

We arrived there early in the morning and first went to the dog show which had cute contests for waggiest tail, best dressed, dog most like it’s owner and the shaggiest dog! It was such a cute event and all the contestants were so adorable! The only thing that may have been a bad thing is the british weather- it was cold and rainy, but despite that- the festival was so wonderful!

We were greeted with a map and some of the event times to make sure we were able to attend and not miss out on any of the things we were interested in. Unfortunately due to the dog show we missed a steak masterclass, but hopefully can attend one in the future!

Alongside food stalls, music, cakes and drinks, in the main area they also had some Beagle puppies which I believe were for sale- if not, they were still so cute to play with!

The interior and design at Daylesford is so clean, organic and crisp- just the way I like it. Everything had it’s place, was neatly put together and made you feel like you’re in paradise. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be on a sunny day!

There were even a few live bands dispersed throughout the land!

We were able to see some of the animals- sheep, chickens, cows, pigs! It was incredible to see the variety of animals they had- some are used for milk, others for wool or meat, but it was also incredible to learn about how the animals live, what they eat and how they are controlled during the farm tour! There were also tons of vegetables, fruit and flowers!

During the farm tour- we went out in huge JCB trucks and had the tour guide talk about the cattle, sheep and sheep herding. We even got to see a beautiful collie herd some sheep! I have always wanted to see this in real life and it was incredible! The amount of land there is on the farm is also jaw dropping! It’s so lovely to see so many happy animals roam free and not be put into cages as they often are in non-organic and mass-producing food companies!


Although we missed the steak masterclass, we were able to attend the cheese making class which was so informative and so much fun! We got to learn how to make mozzarella and taste loads of different cheeses that were made in the farm using the organic milk produced by the beautiful cows. Jonas and I loved the blue cheese, mozzarella and the single cheddar the best!


The market had a selection of Daylesford’s own delicious foods- baked goods, cheeses, breads, wines, chocolates,drinks, fruit and veg! We went in there a couple of times because there was just so much to choose from and we knew we didn’t want to leave empty handed! The second floor had some home wear, dishes, books and decor and the garden room had some more beautiful books, candles and beauty products. Let’s just say these next photos are just a tiny glimpse into what they have on offer! img_8039

There were so many cookbooks about healthy, organic food and clean eating! I had to take a photo with them as one day I hope to possibly have a book of my own!

And of course like I said- we didn’t leave empty handed! We picked up some fresh cookies, teas, maple syrup, kombucha (which I have never tried and absolutely loved the elderflower one!), some green juice, chocolates, Leoube wine and some fresh-made blue cheese! I’m going to post a separate blogpost about the wine and the cheese another time just to tell you how much I enjoyed it!

We absolutely loved this festival and highly recommend it to any farm, nature or food lover! I know I’m definitely coming back next year!

P.S.-  we were so lucky to go to the local pub (Wild Rabbit) for lunch where we had the most amazing lunch! I will also have a blog-post review up for that next week! Let’s just say it was one of my favorite english restaurants I have ever been to! In the meantime, make sure to visit the Daylesford organic website, the Bamford website where you can learn more about their clothes, beauty products and spa and also keep reading my blog!

until next time!- Enjoy!

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