Fashion: In love with sneakers

I have no idea why, but for the past couple of months I have been in love with sneakers/trainers/sports shoes- whatever you call them. I haven’t done a full on fashion post on here yet so I thought why not start off with this?

I would say my style is normally quite smart-casual and I love classic, girly pieces, but I tend to incorporate some edgy, modern and sporty things into my look. I always wore flats, boots and sandals alongside the occasional high heels but always kept sneakers as a sport’s shoe… Until a couple of months ago when I bought a pair of casual yet sparkly sneakers in zara and started a collection. I noticed I love casual, full sole and dark sneakers, but have decided I want to branch out a bit so decided to put this post together for you guys. I’ll show some of the sneakers I have that I wear with casual wear (not gym shoes) and also a few pairs I think are quite cool and are on my wishlist! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you would like me to do more outfit/fashion posts in the future!

my favorites: these are some of my favorite sneakers I have and wear all the time. I’ve got some others that aren’t featured on here. These two pairs are quite simple and casual, but I do tend to wear them quite a lot these days as I often leave the house to go for long walks, shopping, university, and this allows me to dress a bit more casual but definitely comfortable.

First up are the Zara sneakers I mentioned- they are a dark navy color and have a white sole as well as some sparkles on the sides. I’m so happy my friend Martha talked me into buying these- she loves sneakers and trainers herself and knew I don’t often wear them but when I saw these and said I liked them she talked me into getting them. I’m so happy I did! They are very comfortable, very easy to wear (due to the dark color) and girly as well because of the glitter!

Next is the pair I have been wearing religiously for the past month now- my black Nike Roche with a white sole and logo. I first ordered the wrong size accidentally and wasn’t sure if I will keep them, but when I got the right size in and put them on with casual black jeans I told myself- “You’ll find a way to pull these off”. Thank goodness I did- these have been my lifesaver this month as it’s not warm enough yet for flats or sandals but way too hot for boots. Also I’ve been doing lots of walking in Guildford when I was revising so these have definitely been my favorite!

A few on my wishlist: (Michael Kors, Nike and Kurt Geiger)




Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.27.36Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.27.50


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