Restaurant Review: Girly celebration at Bill’s

Happy Monday, lovelies! This is a quick post about a lovely lunch I went on with my amazing friend Egle! We met up on Wednesday to celebrate the end of my exams and had a lovely meal at Bill’s! We have noticed we meet up every Wednesday so we call it girl’s night, but this time around- it was girl’s lunch! I’ve been to Bill’s more than once and every time- I love it! I’ll try and do a blogpost the next time I go there just to show the range of food they have. I’ve never gone for brunch, but I hear it’s one of the best places to go to. Anyways, this time we went to have some lunch and have a few glasses of prosecco to celebrate my last exam. We got a table in the perfect spot and were served very quick!

The prosecco came with cute strawberries and was the perfect treat! Egle started with some calamari rings and I got some crumbled halloumi sticks. They were like little fried halloumi and came with a delicious garlic mayo. I liked them alot, but I would have preferred them even more if the cheese would have been melted and gooey- I’m a lover of all melted cheeses. It was still delicious regardless.

For my main- I got something I tried before in the Guildford Bills- the beetroot, falafel and goat’s cheese salad. It’s so filling since it’s mostly lentils and just a few salad leaves, but I really like it that way. Even without a starter this would have been enough as I didn’t manage to finish the whole plate. The beetroot is such a nice addition to the soft texture of the goat’s cheese – the perfect bit of sweet, tang and juiciness. It also came with a few bits of butternut squash which again mixed up the textures and flavours a bit. I think this is the perfect winter/autumn salad but I also loved it for this early spring day! Egle got a steak with a side of fries and devoured it very quickly. I’m gonna take that as a sign that she loved it! 

We were too full and a bit in a hurry to get dessert afterwards, but every time I order a dessert at Bill’s I don’t leave disappointed. It’s one of the best restaurants on the high street in the UK and I always highly recommend it to all of my friends. I love the casual Italian store-like feel it has and the wide choice of the menu.

Highly recommend!

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