Lithuanian Shkertik bracelets

So a few years ago I saw these cool, casual and trendy rope bracelets all over Instagram and  on people’s wrists in Lithuania. I’ve been wanting one forever and with Jonas also mentioning that he would like one I decided to order two for us! Shkertik is a brand of Lithuanian, hand-made bracelets which are wind inspired. Since I love the seaside in Lithuania this idea appealed to me. Not only is the idea and the design really cool, but the fact that they’re made in Lithuania and tend to be a fun way to start a conversation made me decide to order some.

The bracelets come in a variety of different colors and designs. You can even get them engraved with a personal message if you want to- but they all come with the Shkertik logo on them as well. I ordered the red BRAVO for me and the blue/white/red WHISKEY bracelet for Jonas. And I chose the gold metal and engraved them. They came very quick- from the dispatch date it took 3 days! Which is definitely quick when you think about them coming from Lithuania! The packaging was cute and came with a sticker in each box, plus we got one for free which had the Lithuanian flag pattern on it and was such a wonderful surprise!

Jonas was absolutely delighted when I gave him his- he was so happy and has been wearing the WHISKEY and the Lithuanian flag one (ALFA) together ever since he got them.  I think two of them look even more cool on than just one, especially on a man’s wrist.

Having fallen in love with these, I had to order another one to wear with more muted colors, so I got INDIA- which is a tan/gold color and engraved “enjoy” on it to remind myself about enjoying life + a little shoutout to my blog! I’ve been wearing both of the bracelets like crazy and have really enjoyed switching them out!

I thought this would be the end of this blogpost, but the other day Shkertik sent me 2 new bracelets out of the blue and I knew I had to write about them. I got INDIA with the Lithuanian flag on it (which Jonas has decided he wants to wear) and then a burgundy  one with the Lithuanian flag which also had my name engraved on it- I’ve been wearing this one lately as I love the color combination + my name! My brother and my dad have noticed how much I love them so have just asked me to order some for them- can’t wait to show you what they look like! 🙂

As you can clearly see- both Jonas and I love these bracelets and highly recommend them! Some of our friends were asking about them the other day- so they’re a definite conversation starter. It’s also really cool that we can encourage other people to buy them and support the Lithuanian economy! The bracelets are size adjustable- you just have to pull on one of the ropes and the knot to loosen and tighten. They are extremely sturdy and very well made- I can see why it’s been such a big hit back home!

If you’re into these casual and trendy bracelets- check out their webpage and their facebook page as well as their instagram! They sometimes have giveaways, and the photos they post are always so nice – I keep wanting to get even more colors!

Let me know if you decide to buy any or if you know someone who would love them! I think if you’re into handmade, Lithuanian or wind-inspired things this is the perfect accessory to get! It’s got such a lovely casual look!

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  1. Jen says:

    Is this website also available in english language?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes! The website is all in english! 😉 Xx


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