Friday favorites: Feeling the spring 

I’ve been truly enjoying the re-vitalising and exciting spring and decided to bring back these Friday Favorite posts! What a great opportunity to keep you guys updated with what I’ve been loving- especially while I’ve been away for so long!

1. Fresh fruit and berries

Probably one of the best things about the summer and spring time. So many wonderful berries and fruit are on sale and especially if you are lucky to have your own organic garden you get to enjoy them as much as you want! I love putting fruit into my meals this time of year- whether it’s more smoothies, banana ice cream, juices or just snacks, I always feel much better when I have fruit instead of something very sugary and unhealthy! Plus, it’s such great brain food- I was eating tons of fruit during revision and I suggest you do too if you’re in the middle of exams! 🙂

2. Prosecco

Definitely a direct opposite from the berries as it’s not the healthiest of choices, but it’s very enjoyable when there is a celebration! I don’t drink a lot, but I do love to enjoy some prosecco when there is an occasion! It’s so bubbly and refreshing that it’s perfect in the spring and summer time. Also, since it’s bubbly I tend to not have that much of it which prevents me from dehydrating! If you like to treat yourself every once in a while- just remember to stay hydrated and drink a glass of water for each glass of any alcoholic beverage you have to prevent dehydration! If you like to enjoy prosecco as well, but want a more light drink for the summer, try out my sweet wine spritzer. It’s perfect if you don’t have prosecco and want a sweet and light alternative!

3. Iced Americano

Another drink favorite. With the amount of studying I had to do the past 6 weeks or so, this was a life saver! At times I got caramel syrup in it as well, but to prevent consuming too much sugar I just order and iced american with less ice and room. Then I add a tiny bit of brown sugar and some milk and it’s the perfect midmorning pick-me-up for when I felt like I was crashing. If you’re a coffee lover and don’t like all those sweet iced-coffee drinks, this is the perfect choice for you and I highly recommend it! 


4. Banana Ice cream

Like I mentioned, I love to put berries on my banana ice-cream and that’s because I like to switch it up all the time since I have it at least a few times a week! I love blending up frozen bananas with a splash of milk and adding granola alongside other toppings to enjoy as breakfast, lunch or even dinner! My favorite is cocoa banana ice cream (click to see my recipe) but I do switch it up sometimes!

5. Morning/evening walks

A couple of years ago my dad used to tell my brother and I to go on evening walks to clear our minds during the revision period and somehow, this year I started doing it all by myself. Although it was weird to go alone at the beginning (my brother Raimundas and I used to walk together since we attended the same University but he has already graduated), I eventually got used to it and it became something I look forward to everyday. Whether that means walking up to campus just for some fresh air or walking by the river next to my flat- I find this time so peaceful and exhilarating. I plan out my whole day, try and do some relaxation, forget about the revision and unwind. Also- it’s such great exercise that you don’t even notice! I personally prefer this to running and I’d definitely choose walking for an hour or even hiking up some beautiful Surrey hills than go for a 30 minute run.



6. Horse riding 

One place I walk to every week is the horse riding school in Guildford. I started horse riding a couple of months ago since one of my friends from university kept on telling me about a school in Exeter and I always was jealous of all her wonderful stories! I used to beg my parents to go horse riding when I was a little girl, but with all the travelling we did- I never got around to signing up for proper lessons. I received a lesson as a gift from Jonas a couple of years ago in Wimbledon and loved it so much, but again – didn’t sign up for constant lessons. Now though, as a final-year gift to myself, I decided to sign up for a few hacks and a few horse riding lessons in Exeter and fell in love! Then I came to Guildford to study for my exams and found a local horse stables run by a wonderful lady who has 12 or so horses and have been going there once a week now for lessons! I love it so much- not only is it another form of exercise, but there is something about horses that make me happy, calm and also appreciate life so much. It may sound weird to those who don’t ride, but those that do probably know what I mean. I look forward to every Thursday to go and ride Nivi (the gorgeous Chestnut mare I ride) and to say hi to all the other beautiful horses and ponies at that stables. I look forward to further advance and expand my skills and to continue riding next year when I move to Guildford full time!


7. Shkertik bracelets

I’m going to put up a whole blogpost about this company soon, but it’s a Lithuanian company that makes handmade, wind inspired rope bracelets in a variety of colors. It’s been extremely popular in Lithuania and is always a conversation starter with my UK friends. I ordered a few myself and have also recently received some as a gift from the owner- both Jonas and I love their casual look and I’m definitely ordering some for my dad and my brother! I’ve been wearing them almost everyday and have loved representing and supporting a Lithuanian brand- if you want to check their website out click here  (the website design is incredible!)


8. Outlander season 2 

I was a massive fan of season 1 of this series and started reading the second book, but unfortunately due to exams have had to put it aside for a while. Nonetheless, I’m excited to continue reading it and have been loving season 2 of this series! It’s the only TV series I watch religiously! It’s got everything anyone needs- comedy, drama, romance, history, science fiction and GORGEOUS actors (just google Sam Heughan). Anyways, all of my friends are probably sick of me talking my head off about this series and how I am begging to go to Scotland so I will leave it at that! Let’s just say Sundays are definitely my favorite days (Amazon Prime releases new episodes every Sunday!)

9. “Can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake

Such a wonderful, upbeat and fun song to dance to! I love Justin Timberlake and his music, plus the fact that this song is purely happy is so enjoyable. The video is also great and I love how it just radiates joy and all things positive! This song is definitely going to be a hit this summer and I already can’t stop listening to it! (p.s. I swear JT does not age!)

until next time! 🙂

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