And I’m back!

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are all doing very well and enjoying the beginning of summer. I am sorry I have been gone for a while- but I had my final year exams which I have finally finished! I had 3 exams- 2 went really well and the last one could have gone better, but I still think it was okay! I just have one presentation left to present at University next week and I will be completely finished with my bachelor’s degree! This is so surreal and I still can’t believe that 4 years of hard work are done! I guess it will hit me once I get my grades on June 10th or during graduation!

Now that I have some free time and an exciting summer coming up, I wanted to write a short update. I’m so excited for a few things coming up: I’ve got so many recipes I want to master and post on here soon- including healthy summer lunches, breakfasts and desserts + a few drinks. I’m also going to a few events- the Daylesford organic farm festival this weekend (if you’re there, come and say hi!) and some blogger PR events this summer that I can’t wait for! In June Jonas and I are going to Chicago with his family to visit his father which is so exciting! I can’t wait to visit Chicago and to do a few travel/food posts for you guys from there as well. Not to mention- I’ll also be going back home to Lithuania for a long weekend in a few weeks and will get the chance to do some more travel posts from there!

This summer has so much fun in store and I can’t wait to start blogging on the regular again! I am so happy to have finished my degree and to be planning for a bright and exciting future full of change and challenges. I hope to keep all of you up to date and entertained + give you guys more fashion, lifestyle, travel and food posts. Also, just a reminder that I also have a Twitter account and an Instagram where you can also follow me- I need to use twitter a bit more, but I’m constantly instagramming and a lot of you have told me you enjoy the photos of my day-to-day life!

Now, I’m off to a horse riding lesson- that is something I have been doing for almost 2 months now and have been loving it! I may even do a blog post later on about it + about equestrian clothes fashion, if you are all interested!

When I get back I’ll work on my presentation and in the evening Jonas and I are off to a lovely dinner together- he is treating me for the end of exams! I may even take some photos to share with you all in a future blogpost! 🙂

Until next time- enjoy! ❤

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  1. Ellie Abel says:

    Wow love your post! Really friendly and easy reading! Congrats on your uni course and good luck with everything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you continue reading!:)


  2. Vygaudas says:

    Welcome back dearest Paula! Look forward to enjoy your stories, insights and comments how to stay tuned positively?

    Liked by 1 person

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