Weekend Snapshots: Easter Weekend in Lithuania

Hey everyone! 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely easter if you celebrate it! I went home just for 3 days to visit my family and spend easter with them which was so wonderful! Although I was there for only a few days, I got to meet up with my parents, brother and grandparents as well as Bella and spent the weekend at our lake house – which is my favorite place on earth! I’m back in the UK again – doing a bit of relaxing, working out and a bit of revision as I have exams in May so I decided to start early and work a bit each day 🙂

Today I decided I might as well update you all and show you some photos from my weekend at home! I’ll try and put up a new recipe later on this week, just bear with me if it takes me a few days- I’m only at my place for this week so I don’t have too much produce!  I’ll go to Guildford for 3 weeks after this week, so I’ll definitely do more healthy recipes when I’m in Guildford! I’m sure Jonas will appreciate that! 🙂

Anyways- hope you enjoy these photos! Have a lovely day! ❤


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Hi, I'm Paula and I love living a happy and healthy life! In this blog I'll share my travel adventures, style and fashion tips as well as some delicious and healthy recipes! Hope you enjoy! For questions, suggestions or PR contact, feel free to e-mail me at enjoybypaula@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots: Easter Weekend in Lithuania

    1. Thanks so much, Emily!:) I’ve lived in the UK for 4 years now;) before that I spent 5 years as a child in the US and then 2.5 in London before moving back to Lithuania when I was a teen;) What is your book called?:)

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  1. Hi, wow what am interesting life! I have a self published book out called Changing Identities: Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians in Great Britain available on Amazon etc, and am writing a book called Rebuilding Great Britain: Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians in Great Britain, which will be published by Pen and Sword Books. Can I ask what drew you to Britain?xxx

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    1. thanks so much 🙂 oh wow! what an interesting book! 🙂 I guess I liked living here when I was younger and the fact that it’s relatively close to Lithuania. Also, with so many Lithuanians here already it’s nice how big the communities are in Universities 🙂


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