Weekend snapshots: Visiting Paulius

So this past weekend Jonas and I visited his brother, Paulius in Derby! It was so much fun! I went on Thursday and Jonas arrived on Friday and we stayed until Sunday. We got to see Derby, eat loads of delicious food and had just an overall amazing time!

Paulius and I also filmed some videos for his youtube channel, which I’ll share on my blog when those are up (he normally uploads one a week), but in the meantime check these ones out if you want to see some of the videos we’ve done on his channel previously! While you’re there comment and let him know I sent you! And subscribe- he’s so funny and sweet! 🙂

So in this blogpost I decided to share some photos! I didn’t take too many just cause most of the time we were just together- playing card games, walking around, watching movies, etc. but I did get some photos of us filming and some of the delicious food we had! 🙂 enjoy!

  On Friday Paulius and I filmed several videos for his channel- this is us goofing off before filming! 🙂 
  He had quite a big collection of Smart Water bottles in his room- I’m sure it’s about time he gets sponsored! 


On Friday we made homemade pizzas! They were so delicious! 🙂 If you want to try making some yourself- check out the recipe I posted last year after learning how to make them with Paulius! 🙂


I also made some sinfully delicious brownies! The recipe for these will go up on my blog next week!

On Saturday morning- I made some avocado toast on rye bread with parma ham and poached eggs for myself and the boys before going into town for lunch at Wagamamas and to watch the Allegiant!

We visited Markeaton Park on Saturday! 🙂

On Sunday, before we left- Paulius made us an amazing breakfast! The best bacon sandwich I have ever had! 🙂


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