What I ate Wednesday #5

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing another What I ate Wednesday! I’ve been extra busy with deadlines and am waiting for feedback from my supervisor to edit my dissertation and submit it next week! In the mean time I’m working on a few other coursework and also decided to have a girl’s night today πŸ™‚ Therefore, I decided I’ll do a what I ate Wednesday!

This morning I had my favourite morning smoothie with a twist – chocolate and banana! I normally make the healthy chocolate, banana and PB smoothie but ran out of peanut butter so made a lighter option this morning! It was still delicious and oh so filling! I enjoyed it with a hot cup of lady grey tea as I was getting ready to leave my flat to go to the university.

Whilst I was in the library doing some work, I got a cappuccino to keep me energised and hold me over until lunch πŸ™‚

For lunch I went to one of the cafes at university Β and got a salad box with chicken and hummus. It was so good! I also had a san pellegrino to give me some sugar to power through the work I was doing πŸ™‚

As it was girl’s night- we went to Giraffe and treated ourselves to some cocktails: I got a passionfruit mojito and then a barbecue chicken and smoked cheddar quesadilla. It was a massive portion which I wasn’t able to fully finish, but it was definitely delicious and a treat at the end of a very long day! It was the perfect pre “how to be single” movie meal!



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