Anna Saccone Necklace

I’ve been lusting over Anna Saccone’s jewellery line for the past couple of months now and I finally talked myself into purchasing one of her star sign necklaces! I’ve always been into horoscopes and when I saw that she decided to come out with a necklace line at Stilnest inspired by the horoscope necklace she inherited from her dad, I knew I had to get one! I’m a Leo, so for my Valentine’s day present for myself I ordered the short, yellow gold Leo pendant and am extremely happy about the choice! There are three lengths to choose from and 3 different finishes: silver, rose gold plated or yellow gold plated. I’m not too fussed about mixing metals and jewellery finishes as I wear silver rings and a silver bracelet from Jonas on one hand but have a gold watch and a gold bangle on the other, so I decided to go with my gut instinct of getting the yellow gold as it’s always been the one that caught my eye!

It came in wonderful packaging – in a little box filled with heart confetti, a little note from Anna with a photo of her with her dad on the other side and a little “From Anna with Love” note that makes it so cute. The necklace is extremely beautiful – delicate but also definitely a wonderful statement without being too out there. I prefer simple pendants to massive collar/statement necklaces and this is the perfect type for me! As I have some other necklaces I tend to wear quite often, it will be nice to have this as another option! It’s subtle but still makes a statement + I love the Leo on it! I encourage everyone to visit the Stilnest website and check out their entire range as well as Anna’s line – all the zodiac signs are beautifully designed and gorgeous!  With the different finishes and lengths to choose from I’m sure you’ll be happy you visited the site!

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