Treehouse adventure!

This weekend Jonas and I went on a secret adventure for his birthday which is actually today! I planned this getaway back in September and was really happy I managed to keep it a surprise! As both of us get rather busy and our schedules are hectic throughout the week, I decided to treat him to a relaxing weekend in a treehouse in Somerset!

We visited Bath during our stay, but the actual treehouse was set in Norton St. Philip – a lovely little town with cute, very old pubs and amazing scenery of hills and old buildings. Although the weather was not the best while we were there, we still managed to have a lovely time at the Old Mill treehouse! The owners were extremely friendly and the weekend was amazing – I think both of us are extra keen on coming back sometime in the future!

The treehouse is set in the owner’s backyard and is very private. The stairs leading up to the house open up into the balcony and the doors open straight into the big open plan room which consists of a double bed, two soft chairs, a fridge, a tv and a selection of hot drinks. There is also a very nice shower and toilet just behind some sliding doors.


The selection of hot drinks was a lifesaver during the rainy nights – we had tons of tea and coffee as well as some hot chocolate during the evenings!

As the treehouse is offered with a morning breakfast hamper, we had to make sure we thought of lunch and dinner ideas in advance, so on our arrival I had made sure I bought some nibbles to make a platter for us to enjoy alongside some wine and later- cupcakes I made for Jonas’ birthday! On Saturday we actually went to the local pub Fleur de Lys and got some takeaway pizza which was divine!


The breakfast was absolutely amazing – each morning we received a hamper with some ground coffee, juice, yogurts, fruit, jams and butter as well as some warm croissants! On Saturday we enjoyed breakfast in bed since it was a bit cold and rainy outside, but on Sunday we were lucky that it had cleared up and got the chance to enjoy this beautiful breakfast on the balcony!

We were even greeted by a lovely squirrel in the mornings who enjoyed the peanuts I left behind for him to eat! 🙂


In general I think both of us had an amazing weekend away, enjoyed the nature and the quiet and the chance to really unwind and relax! I highly recommend visiting Old Mill Treehouse as it was a magical weekend I definitely will not forget!

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