Casetify Marble

So a couple of weeks ago I visited Casetify website and fell in love with the range of different phone and laptop cases they have. I ended up ordering one I am in love with so decided to share it with you all since I’ve been receiving compliments on my phone case left and right! Also, as I love reading lifestyle blogs- I hope you don’t mind if I add a few fashion/accessory blogposts every now and then 🙂 Will make my posting more consistent + allow me to branch out and talk about some tinkers I am really into!

Anyways – so here is the case I got called Fusion Marble. I got the classic snap black marble case for the iPhone 6, but they have a variety of case types- even wooden!

It came in a wonderful magnetic mix that caused the case wonderfully – I’ve never seen such beautiful packaging for a phone case! Although the delivery did take quite a bit since they ship from the US to China and then to the destination, it was definitely worth it! The case fits perfectly, it’s sleek, comfortable to hold, doesn’t make the phone too bulky and protects the edges and back very well. Also, the best part is the design – I love this marble! I’m currently in quite a bit of a marble stage so feel like I may purchase one or two more things from their website like the ones below! 🙂 Do keep in mind though – they have an incredible range of designs that you may spent endless hours on their website picking your favourite!


Pink and Marble Geometry 


FRESH MERMAID by Monika Strigel


Gold city/ geometric Marble


Marble Art V7 Macbook Case 


Black and Faux Gold Transparent Marble Pattern Macbook Case


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tom says:

    The case designs are tempting,I am not sure which case i should buy,it might take a while to choose from all the designs.


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