What I ate Wednesday #2

This is my WIAW for this week- covering my meals from Tuesday! In the morning I was in a rush to go to university to do some work before my lecture as I had the afternoon booked out and busy, so I grabbed a quick breakfast from the Costa on campus. I got a skinny cappuccino and a granola bar which really woke me up and filled me up until lunch later that day.

For lunch I had some mixed roasted vegetables I prepared last night, which consisted of butternut squash, courgette, carrots, mushrooms and sweetcorn. For flavouring I drizzled some coconut aminos on top and it was very delicious!

After my meeting with my group during which we did some filming, I went to Yoga and grabbed a green juice at pret on the way home- this is by far my favorite one that they offer. It’s filled with healthy greens and is still very fruity and delicious! Apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, lime and ginger!

For dinner I made a simple spinach, tomato, cucumber and beetroot salad. I enjoyed it with some halloumi on the side- I’m obsessed with halloumi recently!

For a small dessert, I treated myself to some tea and a couple of booja booja truffles!


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