Review: YOLKIN Macaron Ice Cream

So I have been lusting over this amazing YOLKIN instagram page of delicious macaron ice cream sandwiches for the past year, but never actually tried them, until this weekend- Jonas and I had planned to go to London and I knew I had to try them!

What’s great about YOLKIN is that it’s a small company and the macarons are so soft and chewy and the ice-cream is actually made from the yolks that are left over from making the macaron shells! The eggs are free-range and the four flavours available change each week! Their Instagram page and Facebook page both update each Tuesday what the flavours of the week will be and you can pick them up right next to Piccadilly circus on Saturdays and Sundays form 12pm! I would recommend checking their instagram page on the day to make sure you don’t go too late since they do tend to sell out quite quick! Sometimes they’re gone by 2 or 3pm!

I always was curious as to what the hype was about, but this weekend, after finally trying one – I understood the obsession! I got the snickers flavoured one which was peanut butter flavoured ice-cream with swirls of peanut caramel; half dipped in chocolate and peanuts. It was divine! Soft and chewy, yet still frozen. Delicious and creamy and definitely very sweet! I imagine this would be great with a strong black tea or black coffee! I can’t wait to try more of their flavours when I am there next – they have had flavours like red velvet, early grey and green tea, which are the ones I am the most intrigued to try!

Definitely a treat, but I decided to enjoy this after a couple of very healthy weeks for me 🙂 Let me know if you have tried YOLKIN- if not, please do since It was one of the best street foods I have tried in London!

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  1. shazza says:

    Looks yummy. I hope they branch out up North. :))X

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  2. Sophia Tang says:

    I’ve actually tried this for the first time last weekend myself! I’m gonna do a blog about it too, but I tried the Skittles too ^^

    – Sophia @

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    1. thanks for stopping by! they were delicious! ❤ Ill check your blog out!


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