What I ate Wednesday #1

Hey everyone! I’m overdue a delicious recipe post, but today I decided to start doing something similar to what Anna Saccone does on her blog and youtube channel which she calls “What I ate Wednesdays”. It’s pretty much a look into what she ate that day and she does them weekly. I think it will make me more organised and encourage me to post weekly posts while sharing what I had for meals each day with you guys and I think it’s quite fun!

I think I’ll do different days just because I never know what my plans are and I’d be sad to miss out on a special meal or restaurant I visited just because it wasn’t on that week day! I’m planning to post them every Wednesday (although the food may be from other days) and I hope you enjoy this first one!

So in the morning (this was last Friday to be exact) Jonas and I stayed in to work from home and I made us some healthy scrambled eggs made from egg whites, red onion, courgette, sweetcorn and spinach. I also sliced up some avocado with lime juice and sea salt and a nectarine for dessert:) It was really yummy and healthy and filled us both up for the entire morning! I also enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee Jonas brought up for me to wake me up 🙂

For lunch Jonas really wanted some pizza, so we ordered papa john’s and instead of Pizza I got some red hot and barbecue chicken wings which I enjoyed with some mixed salad topped of with olive oil and balsamic! It was delicious, filling and semi-healthy!

I then treated myself to a slice of a chocolate chip cookie that Jonas ordered with his pizza and enjoyed a cup of earl grey tea. It was the first treat I had this week and I really enjoyed it!

For dinner I had a wonderful roasted chicken and veggie dish. It had some courgettes, sweet potatoes, sweetcorn and was the perfect cosy, healthy dinner.

I hope you enjoyed this and look forward to my next one next Wednesday!

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