Restaurant Review: In Vino

There are many restaurants I enjoy going to when I am at home in Vilnius, but I always seem to end girl’s nights out with my friends from University at In Vino. It’s a fun bohemian wine place that has delicious tapas/snacks, an amazing chocolate souffle and great range of seasonal drinks to choose from. They don’t have a drinks menu so you either ask for a suggestion or ask for what you want and most of the time they have it- especially a great selection of wines! In this blogpost, I in particular wanted to talk about the Aperol Spritz  they have in the summer time and the mulled wine in the winter – wonderful drinks to keep you happy during the hot and cold months. Also, I do love the little snacks they have such as simple toast with aubergine, cheese platters, asparagus with bacon and a range of king prawn meals.


I am a massive fan of their popular chocolate souffle which comes freshly made, piping hot and still super runny on the inside- perfect with a pot of tea! No wonder that is one of the first things I had on my holiday!

The place itself is very cosy – they have indoor and outside seating. The tables are candle lit and the location is perfect – right in the centre of old town Vilniu. Although this is a very short and brief post about a restaurant/wine bar – I still highly recommend going there for pre-dinner drinks or for a quick stop for a sweet, delicious desert!

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  1. Looks great Paula and great that they don’t have a drinks menu….

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