Christmas in London

Christmas decorations make me happy! So does Christmas festive food and drinks – I have several recipes I can’t wait to share with you guys really soon since I just got home for the holidays!  I’m done with my first term at University, have officially finished my final year research project and am happy to say this term was very difficult but so worth it and rewarding! As I unpack my suitcase and sip on a peppermint mocha from coffee inn, I decided to share these amazing photos of the christmas decorations and lights in London from the past weekend.

Jonas and I went to London on Sunday and had a wonderful time – saw the Christmas decorations, watched Mockingjay part 2 and had an overall wonderful day. Both of us took loads of photos of the decorations and ornaments all over the streets and buildings and some of the photos are presented for you here- enjoy!





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  1. London, oh beautiful London! Merry Christmas Paula. =>

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    1. thank you! merry christmas to you!


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