Recipe: The perfect, healthy hot chocolate

On a chilly autumn evening there is nothing I want more than to cuddle up with a blanket, a good movie or a book and this beautiful healthy hot chocolate! It’s made with almond milk so reduces the intake of dairy which may cause bloating for some people. It is sweetened with raw coconut sugar plus contains a mixture of raw cacao powder and dark cocoa powder. Definitely a perfect drink with great  health benefits and some beautiful flavour. I hope you enjoy!

Recipe: serves 1


1 cup almond milk (or dairy)

1 tbsp dark cocoa powder

1/2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1/2 tbsp raw coconut sugar


  1. Heat the milk on medium-low heat in a small sauce pan, don’t allow it to boil.
  2. Add the dry ingredients and mix in thoroughly until everything dissolves and you get a uniform mixture. Make sure you whisk continuously to prevent burning.
  3. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy! Add marshmallows if you desire!

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