Restaurant Review: Girls night at Jamie’s Italian

Happy Saturday!

This week my friend Egle and I went out to Jamie’s Italian for a lovely meal in the middle of a very busy week and I thought I would blog about it- I have always loved Jamie’s Italian and think the food is incredible! The interior is normally quite relaxed but cosy – with italian food all over and the staff was great. Both of us knew we wanted to get desserts so opted for small pasta portions but still ended up really full at the end of the meal!

Egle got the Carbonara whereas I got the Fresh Crab Spaghetti- the Carbonara was extremely good and she loved it. I really trust her opinion on italian food a she spent a year living in Rome and knows what the food should taste like. It was nice to know that what we were eating was authentic!

I really liked my pastas as well – lots of capers and crab meat, I would imagine my mom would have really enjoyed it 🙂 .

We also got some Aperol Sptriz which was a bit different than usual but still delightful – I think it was a bit more sweet due to the Jamie’s prosecco they added. Still – really refreshing and not overpowering. 

Then we ordered dessert. I was contemplating between the Raspberrry and Honeycomb Pavlova and the Molten Chocolate Praline pudding. When I asked the waitress she suggested I get the latter and it was amazing – very decadent, very sweet, very chocolate rich but definitely a great choice for a chocolate lover who needs a pick-me-up! It came with a warm chocolate sauce, praline bits and delicious salted caramel ice cream. Egle got the Amalfi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake – it was amazing as well. Light, yet creamy, sweet yet a bit tart and a very nice and generous portion!

I loved this restaurant and the food we had and I will most definitely got there again soon! I can’t wait to try out the Pavlova next time! 🙂

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  1. Which branch of Jamie’s did you make it too? The dessert portion is so generous – I’d be very happy with that!

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    1. Exeter!:) I’ve been to the picadilly circus one before and the portions were great there too!:)

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      1. Ah ok – he has branches here in Australia too….


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