Restaurant Review: SUSHIne

This blogpost is dedicated to a great sushi restaurant I visited when I was back home in Lithuania!

I’ve got some other reviews coming up – sorry, was busy with settling back into University and starting lectures and my final year project! But today I wanted to review SUSHIne a new sushi restaurant in the centre of Vilnius – in Gediminas prospect. My parents and my brother told me about how great this restaurant is and I knew I had to try it out and review it for all of you!

So on one of the first nights I was at home my brother ordered some sushi from this restaurant for us to enjoy and I also went with Paulius – Jonas’ brother later on to the actual restaurant to try the sushi again. I went with Paulius since he is a sushi expert- just like me, he loves it!

The restaurant itself is quite small, new and minimal but I liked it – there was some Japanese artwork on the walls but overall it was nice, clean and tidy. The location is great and I loved that the sushi chef was out in the open by the bar and you can watch him make the sushi. Ordering takeout is also a great idea – the sushi came in sturdy boxes, no spillages, tons of soy sauce, wasabi and ginger unlike some restaurants which always put just a tiny amount in the takeaway boxes.

To be honest I don’t know what type of sushi my brother ordered (apart from the unagi one) but they were all delicious! I wasn’t a fan of the fried sushi roll, but my mom really likes it so I guess it’s a personal preference 🙂 All of the sushi was tightly rolled- nothing fell out when we were eating it and nothing was too salty or too bland. I thought these were very good and I loved the great range of choices they have on the menu!

When Paulius and I went to the actual restaurant we ordered ginger beers which were lovely and he also ordered the Asahi beer which he mentioned was really good. From sushi we decided to choose 3 different types to share – let me tell you I was so full afterwards but it was definitely delicious! We chose the unagi roll (which they call DRAGON), the rainbow roll and the BOSS roll. Once again, I really enjoyed them! And to think that each of these sushi rolls was only about €5-8 (equivalent to £4-6) is really jaw dropping. They were really good!

I would highly recommend ordering or going to visit this restaurant if you are in Lithuania. If you’re a sushi or fish fan- definitely the place to go! I have heard that they do get quite busy during the lunch time as a lot of local people in the stores and jobs around this restaurant like to have this for lunch, so I would recommend going to them for dinner. A really lovely restaurant with very high quality, affordable sushi and other asian foods like miso soup, sashimi and more!

I can’t wait to go back at christmas time and ordering sushi from them!


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