Flowers make me happy

I’m busy settling back at University and unpacking so I only have time to write a quick blogpost! I promise, once I’m back in the routine of things – I will have some wonderful new recipes coming your way! ASAP!

Today I wanted to give a tribute to flowers! I’m pretty sure every home is more inviting and lovely when there are fresh flowers around. It may be because of my mom always having them around or due to my growing love for them – but one of the first things I bought when I came back to University yesterday was a vase and these lovely fresh yellow roses!


I put them on my nightstand and my whole room looks a lot more happy, bright and cozy.

I always love receiving, giving and buying fresh flowers as there is something so wonderful about having something alive, invigorating and beautiful around. My favorites are tulips, roses and peonies! Just to make this post a bit more exciting- I’m sticking in some beautiful photos of flowers that I have had before! enjoy!




1487256_10203996710830661_6432417238892510197_n  734621_4657192040351_83028937_n


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