Cafe Review: ALI Sokoladine

This is a cafe that I recommend to all tourists and people living in Vilnius! If you love delicate cakes, macarons and eclairs – you HAVE to go to ALI sokoladine or eklerine. Only a couple of days ago did one of their store change to eklerine (eclairs) but they still sell chocolates and macarons, while their other store is still called ALI Sokoladine (chocolates) and they sell very beautiful, intricate cakes to enjoy alongside a cup of coffee and a wide range of hand-made chocolates.

 I have only visited the old town cafe which is now the ALI Eklerine and had some macarons gifted from the ALI Sokoladine store which is situated in one of the main shopping centres in Vilnius – Panorama, but so far- I am always in awe of the amazing presentation and taste of their treats.

 The cafe first became famous for the macarons that they sell – I must say these are by far the best macarons I tasted in Lithuania and it is always a wonderful treat to receive them from my brother, who loves to gift them to me when I come to visit or on special occasions! I even got a box of treats when I landed a couple of weeks ago which was extremely lovely! I also bought a box of 6 the other day after going there with my friend for some coffee and eclairs. I chose 2 pistachio, 2 dark chocolate, a salted caramel and a hazelnut one to enjoy that evening with my mom. They are perfect – a crispy shell but a soft middle with a sweet yet not too sweet filling. I really love the pistachio ones that they offer as you can really taste the pistachio, not just a super sweet filling that other places use…. 🙂

As I went to ALI Eklerine that day with my friend – I decided to try one of their eclairs! I wanted to try their delicate cakes, but they are now only offered at the shopping centre, yet I was excited to try these new treats! I got a black coffee with milk and a pistachio eclair as I thought that would be the toughest one to like whilst my friend Vesta got the mascarpone eclair.

The pistachio one was very nice- quite fresh and the cranberry jam that was beneath the pistachio cream made it extra special! I really enjoyed the mascarpone one though! My friend let me try it and I brought one home for my mom as well in a lovely white box as it was extremely delicious! I really recommend this one – its light and fresh and extremely delicious! I definitely preferred that one and would get it the next time I go there, but they do have tons to choose from!

I highly recommend visiting this place for anyone coming to Lithuania in the future and for the locals as the sweets there are incredible!

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  1. Beautiful and exquisite!

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    1. Indeed!:) worth a visit!


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