Restaurant Review: Stebuklai

Stebuklai is apparently ‘THE place to go for breakfast in Vilnius’ and I wanted to see if the hype is really worth it. While I am at home I decided to try out a variety of different cafes and restaurants and do as many reviews as possibly to help out tourists and locals trying to find a place to eat in Vilnius and Stebuklai was the first place I went to!

With my Facebook and instagram feed full of beautiful breakfast and brunch photos from the restaurant, I had my mind set on 3 different meals I was trying to choose from so I already had a feeling I was going to enjoy it. It’s in quite a convenient spot – near the centre of the city, at the end of Gedimino Prospektas which is the main street in Vilnius. The restaurant building is made of glass and has a terrace by the entrance which was a nice place to have breakfast on a sunny friday morning. We enjoyed sitting outside, but I wish there was a bit more greenery surrounding the terrace… there were some trees yet the surrounding traffic and houses were clearly out in the open… that wasn’t a deal breaker though!

When we got the menu there was a selection of about 8 different breakfast meals to choose from and I ended up ordering the Ricotta pancakes with smolked salmon and spinach while my friend Zygimantas ordered an Eggs Benedict. We also ordered black coffee with milk and waited patiently for our glorious meals to arrive.

 The coffee was the first thing that made me really happy. I loved the tableware – the sleek white cups and plates and the oval shaped spoon was a nice choice. Also, getting a mini pot of milk which had foam on the top was really sweet as we had fun trying to be professional baristas in creating coffee art although we may not have succeeded.

The coffee was indeed wonderful. It was strong but not bitter and woke me up after only 6 hours of sleep!

Then, after about 10 minutes the food came!

We were both surprised by how big the plates and the portions were- perfect for a breakfast that will fill you up but won’t leave you too full to walk 🙂 The plates were still warm and very slick and beautiful. Then came the taste test.

Let’s just say – I have never tried ricotta pancakes as a savoury dish, but I loved it! The pancakes were cooked to perfection – moist and soft and the smoked salmon, spinach and the creamy caper sauce was a wonderful compliment to these pancakes. They were truly incredible!

I then tried a bit of my friend’s eggs benedict and thought it was great as well. The english muffin was indeed a traditional english muffin and the egg and prosciutto were perfect. I was really surprised by the hollandaise sauce though – haven’t decided what I think of it yet as the texture was a bit different to what I am used to – it was quite airy and foam-like plus I couldn’t taste any lemon or cayenne in it. That was the only thing that made me a bit sad as I really enjoy a tangy taste of lemon with a kick of cayenne when I make eggs benedict myself. Other than that though- I thought the meals and the place were wonderful!

They have some other wonderful breakfast options which I will have to try out the next time I go there – hopefully even during this holiday period! If you go to Vilnius for a couple of days, or even live there – I highly recommend Stebuklai as a breakfast or brunch place. It’s not too expensive and the food is truly incredible, just as the name of the restaurant states ‘Miracles’.

Until next time, enjoy! 🙂

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